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Talk Therapy & Mental Health Counseling in Delaware 

Improve Your Mental Health With Personalized Talk Therapy Sessions 

Tell Us Your Story with Talk Therapy 

Talk therapy is the first thing that comes to mind when someone pictures a mental health counseling session. Also called psychotherapy, this treatment modality is where you sit down with a therapist to talk about what is troubling you. In some cases, this can lead to a diagnosis of a mental health condition like depression or anxiety. 

Talk therapy is the core of our healing treatments. 

While there are many activities and therapeutic practices that can aid in your healing, talk therapy is at the center of your mental health care treatment. This is where we get to know you, understand the way you think, and learn how different patterns or behaviors might be contributing to your struggles. From here, we can explore other treatment types that can supplement your healing. 

Mental health isn’t a one-size-fits-all issue. 

Our personalized approach to mental health care ensures you leave talk therapy sessions with the tools you need to work through trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, stress, or whatever else is getting in the way of you feeling your best. Our expert therapist may pull several different types of talk therapy to help you heal. 

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Witness Your Growth With Talk Therapy Sessions 

  • Overcome unhealthy behaviors or coping methods.
  • Target unwanted thoughts or patterns.
  • Become more self-aware and discover your true self.
  • Seek out underlying causes behind your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.
  • Work through issues – no matter how big or small they seem.
  • Learn how to better communicate and build relationships.

Talk With a Therapist Who Truly Cares About Your Healing Journey 

Founded by grief and trauma specialist Christina Zampitella, The Center for Grief and Trauma Therapy was established to help people process trauma, grief, and a wide range of issues. Many of our therapists have been in your shoes. And every clinician at our center is deeply passionate about helping you live your best life. 

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