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Family Therapy in Delaware

Heal and Grow as a Family with a Compassionate Therapist   

Resolve Family Dysfunction and Strengthen Your Familial Bond

Families can be complicated. Every member of your family has a unique personality, opinion, and communication style, and it can be difficult for each person to feel heard and valued. The main goal of family therapy is to open lines of communication, facilitate discussions, and help your family interact in a healthy way. 

We take time to get to know your unique family. 

Every family is unique. Your family therapist will take a personalized approach and dig deep into your family dynamic and circumstances. If there are harmful patterns or unresolved issues contributing to strain in familial relationships, your therapist will help your family resolve these issues and establish healthier behaviors. 

Work together through difficult transitions, grief, or trauma. 

Unexpected changes or life-altering events can leave your family unsure on how to move forward. Divorce, a new marriage, a death in the family, sickness, or trauma be difficult on every member of the family, and it’s essential everyone’s healing is considered. 

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Ensure Everyone’s Voice Is Heard With Family Counseling

  • Teach effective communication skills.
  • Manage conflicting parenting styles.
  • Helping children process difficult concepts.
  • De-escalating situations and resolving problems.
  • Healing deep wounds and unburying resentment.
  • Assisting families with major life changes.

Build a Healthy Relationship With an Expert Therapist in Delaware

The Center for Grief and Trauma Therapy was established to help people process trauma, grief, and a wide range of issues. With many years of experience, our therapists are here to help your family work together to manage conflict or a difficult life situation. 

Perlyn Severe

Perlyn Severe, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

Dominique Hollis

Dominique Hollis, MSW

LCSW Intern, Family & Mindfulness Practitioner

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