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Therapy Types & Specialties 

Find the Best Solution for Your Healing Needs 

Choose the Therapy Option That Complements Your Journey

Our clinician team is well-equipped to meet your therapy needs. Are you looking for a therapist who can guide you through all of life’s ups and downs? Do need support processing grief or trauma? Are you looking for a skilled couple or family therapist that can help you address dysfunction and heal old wounds? We offer a range of solutions to help you heal and rediscover hope on your journey. 

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Grief Therapy

You don’t need to walk through this dark tunnel alone. Get specialized support in processing grief, loss, and bereavement. 

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Trauma Therapy

Does every day feel like you’re reliving a nightmare? There is hope. Work with a trauma specialist to rediscover peace.

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Individual Therapy 

Looking for a therapist you can trust to guide you through whatever you’re experiencing? Get guidance with an expert therapist.  

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Family Therapy

Every family is unique, and it can be difficult when family members can’t see eye to eye. Resolve disputes and deepen bonds with family therapy. 

Group Therapy at the Center for Grief and Trauma

Group Therapy

You’re not alone in your pain. Grow in community with others with therapist-led group therapy sessions for the specific area you’re struggling in. 

Therapist and patient hold hands during adoption-competent therapy session

Post-Adoption Therapy

There’s no right way to feel about your adoption experience. Find adoption-competent support for adoptees, adoptive or foster parents, and biological parents.