Meditation class at the Center for Grief and Trauma

Mindfulness Meditation Sessions in Delaware 

Learn to Live in the Present and Strengthen Your Mind-Body Connection 

Reduce Stress and Improve Your Well-Being With Mindfulness 

Mindfulness is the key to getting out of your head and living in the here and now. The goal of mindfulness meditation sessions is to bring awareness to your breath and bodily sensations and come to accept and be at peace with the feelings you are experiencing. Rather than linger or ruminate on difficult thoughts or emotions, mindfulness guides you to let go of negative feelings and move forward.

Mindfulness meditation helps harmonize your mind and body. 

Your mind and body are deeply connected. If your mind is full of stress, negative emotions, or obsessive thoughts, your body is sure to experience that tension and negativity too. Mindfulness lets you explore that link between your body and mind. We’ll guide you in learning how to align your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. When your mind and body are on the same page, they can work together to calm your nervous system, work through difficult emotions, reduce tension, heal your body, and improve your overall well-being. 

Begin your mindfulness journey with an experienced guide. 

Getting started with mindfulness meditation can feel awkward or intimidating at first. With guided meditation sessions, you can trust your mindfulness guide to help you discover the benefits of meditation and learn how to practice mindfulness. Through this exploration, you can then feel empowered to make mindfulness meditation a part of your everyday life. 

Details about Mindfulness Meditation Sessions in Delaware

Individual Sessions

Private meditation session in a comfortable, healing environment.

Rate: $80/hour

Available by appointment only  

Group Sessions

Group sessions include guided mindfulness meditation with a small group.

Rate: $15/session for a single class, $12/session for a month package 

Meet Your Reiki & Mindfulness Instructor 

Reiki and mindfulness sessions are led by Nikole Papas, an instructor with several years of experience. 

Nikole Papas

Nikole Papas

Reiki & Mindfulness Practitioner

Dominique Hollis

Dominique Hollis, MSW

LCSW Intern, Family & Mindfulness Practitioner