Sound Therapy at the Center for Grief and Trauma

Sound Therapy in Delaware

Discover the Healing Power of Sound

Calm Your Body and Begin Healing With Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy tools at the Center for Grief and Trauma

Sound is a powerful and primal form of healing. In the same way that meditation encourages regulation through rhythmic breath, sound therapy relaxes your body and balances your brain using healing rhythm and sound frequencies. Sound therapy can include a wide range of therapeutic sounds, including music, binaural beats, sound baths, and more. 

Sound therapy heals your body from a cellular level.

Sound travels deep into the body, elevating cellular function and calming the nervous system. Through vibrations and audible sound, this therapeutic practice reroutes old thought patterns and creates new neural pathways. These changes to your brain enable you to encourage positive thinking, realign energy in your body, and create a path for trauma healing. 

All you need to do is relax and let the sound do its work. 

With sound therapy, there’s no pressure on you to try and force healing. You simply need to lay back, relax, and let your sound therapist guide the process. You don’t worry about your brain getting in the way of your session – the sound itself will ease you into a relaxed state and initiate the healing process. 

Sound Therapy Has Many Benefits for Your Body and Mind 

  • Reduce stress and minimize negative thoughts.
  • Stimulate body healing and reduce pain.
  • Improve sleep patterns and encourage deep relaxation.
  • Rejuvenate your mood and increase energy levels.
  • Initiate healing from trauma, grief, depression, and more. 
  • Heal your brain on a cellular level and encourage healing.

Stimulate Healing With a Sound Therapist 

Our sound therapist, John McElderry, can help you explore new methods of healing to complement therapy.  

John McElderry

John McElderry

Yoga Instructor & Sound Therapist