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Payment Options & Provider Rates

Learn How You Can Pay for Your Personalized Care. 

Payment Options

We accept cash, check, major credit cards, HSA, FSA, and VCAP as payment for our services. 

For Post-Adoption Support services, please reach out to your adoption facilitator for information on post-adoption therapy funding. We can provide a letter to certify need for these services.

Insurance Information

Most of our clients come to us through private pay, and we are an out-of-network service provider. Your insurance company may reimburse you some or all of the serviced we provide. We recommend you check your policy to learn your coverage for out-of-network providers. Some insurance plans, such as HMO plans, do not compensate care received by an out-of-network provider. 

We are happy to submit reimbursement claims to your insurance company on your behalf. Please reach out with any billing-related questions. 

Provider Rates

ProviderInitial AssessmentIndividual TherapyFamily TherapyProfessional Consultation
Dr. Christina Zampitella, FT$225/hour$175/hour$175/hour
Dr. Nikki Carden, Psy.D$225/hour$175/hour$175/hour
Dr. Elizabeth Mikolajczyk, BCBA, ABSNP, NCSP$150/hour$150/hour$150/hour
Jessica Williams, MSS, LCSW$150/hour$125/hour$125/hour
Danielle Ragazzo, M.ED$150/hour$125/hour$125/hour
Marcus Scarfo, MA, NCC$150/hour$125/hour$125/hour
Amanda Woolston, MSS, LCSW$150/hour$125/hour$175/hour$125/hour
Stephanie Oyler, MSW, LSW$150/hour$125/hour$175/hour$125/hour