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Treatment Modalities

Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul With Evidence-Based Therapeutic Treatments 

Find the Treatment Method That Suits You 

Healing can take place in many forms. Whether you need to talk through issues, express yourself through art, or calm your body and mind, we offer treatment modalities that fit your unique circumstances and healing needs. 

Our Integrative and Therapeutic Treatment Modalities 

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Talk Therapy 

Need a safe place to discuss what’s happening in your life? Talk therapy is the place to start. 

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Online Therapy

Prefer the convenience of meeting with a therapist from your home? Meet with us online. 

Woman painting for art therapy

Art Therapy 

Struggle to find the words to explain who you’re feeling? Express your emotions with art therapy. 

EMDR Therapy at the Center for Grief and Trauma

EMDR Therapy 

EMDR is a research-backed therapy for healing from grief, trauma, and more. 

Man and woman doing gentle yoga for therapeutic benefits


Gentle yoga is a soothing therapeutic practice that helps you explore your mind-body connection. 

Reiki session at the Center for Grief and Trauma


Reiki uses the healing power of gentle touch to promote healing, relaxation, and balanced energy. 

Meditation class at the Center for Grief and Trauma


Mindfulness is the practice of intentionally bringing awareness to your senses and being fully present. 

Sound Therapy at the Center for Grief and Trauma

Sound Therapy

Sound is a primary and primal therapy that calms your nervous system and paves the way for healing.