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Post-Adoption Therapy in Delaware

Explore Adoption Stressors and Process Your Emotions With a Therapist Who Understands

Get Support on Your Post-Adoption Journey

Adoption, foster care placement, and similar experiences can have a deep impact on your life. If you’re struggling to navigate your adoption experience, you’re not alone. Your adoption-competent therapist can help you process your emotions and provide support along the way. 

We understand that adoption is a lifelong process. 

There’s no one “right” way to think about adoption’s role in your life. Adoption impacts your life through every stage. If you’re navigating an adoptee reunion, adoption disruption, or a difficult adoption transition, we’re here to guide and support you through each phase. 

Post-adoption therapy complements other types of therapy. 

An adoption-competent therapist understands the full picture of your mental health. They can deep dive into how your adoption experience interacts with other factors, such as grief, trauma, identity, family dynamics, parenting approaches and more. 

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Get Expert Guidance With Post-Adoption Therapy 

  • Heal from traumatic experiences or adoption-related grief.
  • Gain support through every phase of the adoption process.
  • Help adoptees process childhood trauma and emotions.
  • Support siblings and extended family of adopted children.
  • Strengthen bonds between adoptive parents and adoptee.
  • Process grief and trauma with birth parents of adopted children.

Work Through Adoption Issues With an Adoption-Competent Therapist

The Center for Grief and Trauma therapy was established to help people process trauma, grief, and a wide range of issues. Our adoption-competent therapists have a deep understanding of adoption – so you don’t have to explain that part of your life to feel understood. 

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