Women at the summit of hike with the sunrise.

Acceptance and Grief During COVID

Acceptance comes in moments, moments when you acknowledge what you’re feeling at that time, whether its sadness, happiness, doubt, whatever the feeling is, you acknowledge it and accept it. By doing this, you give your feelings validity and accept that it is okay to feel them in that moment. By saying to yourself, “I feel sad right now, and that’s okay.”

This allows your mind and body to accept that feeling, and understand that this feeling won’t last forever. If it is a happy feeling, saying it out loud or in your head can help you accept that feeling and hold on to the warmth it brings. Accept your feelings of confusion and fear, that spurs growth. Accept your feelings of hopelessness and doubt, that brings strength. Rather than trying to accept what situation you are currently in, accept those moments and the feelings that come with that clarity.

Try to breathe in those feelings, even through the tears, even through a mask. Your breath is your energy and part of your soul. Using your breath, you can relax your mind and body. In your breath, you remember you are alive, and you have a right to your life, even when it may feel like you don’t. Even though you may be dealing with a loss of a loved one or something meaningful to you, you are deserving of your life. If you need help, we are here for you.